Before and After Photos

Below are links to some examples of the kind of work that we can perform, in a variety of materials. All photos are unretouched documentation of actual repairs done in the field. As is typical, all repairs were done onsite at the location of the vehicle, and were completed on the same day in which they were called in, saving our customers both valuable time and money.

Dashboard repair Before and After Boat vinyl repair Before and After
Dashboards Marine
Including dashboards, center consoles, steering wheels, glove box lids, instrument bezels etc. Boat interiors, including vinyl seat cushions, combing pads, dashboards, backrests, etc.
Before & After - Leather
Leather Trim Panels
Including leather seats, armrests, insets, and other trim pieces Includes most other panels in the vehicle, including door trim panels, "A" and "B" pillars, quarter trim panels, etc.
Peeling Dashes Other
Peeling dashboards, center consoles, and other panels on Chevy trucks and SUVs and other vehicles The odd jobs - exterior plastic trim, headliners, carpet, cladding, cowls, and everything else

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